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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the 2-Year Warranty offer?

A: To qualify for the 2-Year Warranty, you must purchase:

  • At least 2 Cases of INfusia VP Vet Line Infusion Sets with each INfusia VP7 Volumetric Infusion Pump,
  • Or at least 2 Cases of INfusia SP Vet Line Extension Sets with each INfusia SP7 Syringe Infusion Pump.

The pumps and their sets can be purchased together with the warranty included, and are priced as follows:

  • INfusia VP7 Volumetric Infusion Pump and INfusia VP Vet Line Infusion Sets with 2-Year Warranty: $1,260.
  • INfusia SP7 Syringe Infusion Pump and INfusia SP Vet Line Extension Sets with 2-Year Warranty: $1,394.

Q: I am purchasing on behalf of a Tax Exempt organization. How do I receive my tax exemption?

A: If you are a customer that is tax-exempt, we will not be able to process your order through this site. Please contact us via email at or phone at 800-333-6925 to proceed with your order. 

Q: How is the sales tax on my online purchase being calculated?

A: The 20% sales tax applied to your order during the checkout process is an estimate. Your credit card will be authorized for this amount, but not charged. Actual sales tax will be calculated and charged when the order is processed. You will receive an order confirmation via email when your order is finalized showing the actual tax amount and total charged.

Q: I wish to receive more information about INfusia products. 

A: Please contact us via email at or phone at 800-333-6925.